LabelsTree offers the very best combination of quality, service, and competitive prices.

Our products have been made and packed so that they are in an optimum state when you put them in your printer. To keep your labels in this condition, we recommend that you:

  • Store them in a cool dry room between 10C and 25C (with relative humidity of 35-65%) and not in direct sunlight. Please allow the goods to acclimate before use if they are transferred from a colder location to a warmer location.
  • Store the boxes lid uppermost and not directly touching a floor; they should be supported squarely at the bottom. The boxes should not be stored close to pipes, radiators, hot air ducts, open windows, or similar, and should have no heavy weights placed upon them.
  • Always handle the sheets on flat clean surfaces.
  • If labels are being applied to plastic bags or recycled bags/cartons, please ensure the label sticks prior to a large print run being undertaken. Adhesives react differently according to the climate and the material they are being applied to.
  • Put any unused sheets from your printer back in the box and keep the lid on.

With our boxes of 1,000 sheets, we also recommend that you:

  • Don’t stack the boxes more than 7 high.
  • Don’t take the shrink wrap off the box until you are about to use the product.
  • Bear in mind that there are separators at every 250 sheets (where we turn the sheets to keep them flat). Please remove these as you get to them, and ensure the sheets are fed into your printer the correct way round.

As excellent as our products are, they don’t last forever! Don’t forget to use the product within 2 years as this is the shelf life of the adhesive.